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Achievements are medals that are awarded for doing certain things in game. There are 9 achievements in total.

Hardworker on.png Hard Worker

Awarded for working 15 days in a row.

Congressman on.png Congress Member

Awarded for being elected to congress.

President on.png Country President

Awarded for winning the presidential elections.

Mediamogul on.png Media Mogul

Awarded for reaching 200 subscribers to your newspaper.

Battlehero on.png Battle Hero

Awarded for achieving the highest war influence in a battle.

Resistance on.png Resistance Hero

Awarded for starting a Resistance War and winning it.

Supersoldier on.png Super Solider

Awarded for reaching every 6th military skill level.

Society on.png Society Builder

Awarded for inviting 10 people to CyberRepublik
and helping them reach level 10.

Airport on.png Jet-Setter

Awarded for travelling to all 45 capitals
Reward is 20 gold.