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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

On our Home Page we can see our Country's active battles. To join the battle we are clicking the "Fight" button.

HomePage Battles.png

When we enter the Battle that is what we see in the middle of our screen.


  1. Citizens, Millitary Units and Country's statistics in this battle
  2. Battle's Location
  3. Attacking Country
  4. Defending Country
  5. Time left till the battle ends
  6. Citizens with the most damage on each skill for every side
  7. Statistic bars, different for each skill


  1. Wellness Restored by foods\ Total wellness to restore by foods
  2. Wellness restored by Health kits \ Total wellness to restore by Health kits
  3. Fight Button
  4. Medkit button and medkits left to use
  5. Equipped weapon and Uses left
  6. Ammunition for the weapon
  7. Rockets left to use
Idea.png Note You can't fight if your wellness is less than 20!