Beginners Guide

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Beginners Guide

This is a short guide to assist new players in navigating the interface. For more detail, explore the links throughout the wiki


You need to create a profile on the registration page

Getting started

once you log in, you are presented with the Home Screen screen, this is your main dashboard

Jd home.jpg

you can navigate to different areas via the menu at the top of the screen, or via links on the dashboard

Check Missions

The 1st step is to check what missions are available by clicking on the missions icon on the left hand side-bar

Mission bar.jpg This will open up the missions overview page Here you can see that you have two missions: 1. Get a job 2. Work in new job

Jd mission.jpg

Get a job

to get a job, select Economy -> Job Offers from the Menu bar

Jd joboffer.jpg

This opens the job market screen Select an industry to look for available jobs

Jd select ind.jpg

There are three main industries, namely Manufacture, land and Construction Once you find a suitable job, select apply

Jd apply.jpg


You can now work in your new job. The higher your skill level, the more you produce Click on work to work in the company

Jd job.jpg

you will see a summary of your production, including your Salary, the amount your produced and the number of XP you gained from working.

Idea.png Note Always try and work when your wellness is 100 % to ensure the highest Salary and maximum production!

Jd worksumm.jpg

Claim mission reward

click on view missions button to return to the missions screen

Mission bar.jpg

Click on Complete to claim your mission rewards

Jd mission 1 done.jpg

The missions will move to the completed missions screen and new missions will appear

Idea.png Note Certain missions count towards a mission bonus, once these missions are completed you can claim your reward

Mission bonus.jpg


Click on the train icon under Daily Tasks to jump to the Military Station

Jd train.jpg

Select a military specialization to improve and click on the Gun, Tank or Heli icon to improve this skill

Idea.png Note Improving a skill increases damage dealt with a particular weapon. Skill changes can be made a maximum of 3 times

Military station.jpg


Select the Study icon from the Daily Tasks bar to go to the College


Select an Economic specialization to improve and click on the Manufacture, Land or Construction icon to improve this skill

Idea.png Note Improving a skill increases productivity and allows you to apply for higher skilled jobs.


Daily Tasks Bonus

Click the bonus icon from Daily Tasks to collect your reward for completing the daily tasks

Daily task bonus.jpg

Collect the rewards

Idea.png Note The Daily work task counts towards a Special Bonus. Complete five daily work tasks to collect the bonus

Daily task bonus1.jpg

Equip a weapon

Weapons can be equipped to increase damage when fighting. You should equip a weapon for which you have trained as this will result in higher damage.

Weapons can be acquired from the Product offers market or as a reward for completing tasks and missions.

Go to the The product offers market by selecting Economy -> Product Offers

Product offer menu.jpg

Select a product and enter a quantity and click buy. If there are too many items listed, you can filter by clicking on Goods and services button and then filter by quality

Jd buy tank.jpg

To equip the weapon go to your profile screen by clicking on your name next to your profile picture or alternatively from the Menu Bar. Select My Station -> Profile

Jd name.jpgMenu profile.jpg

Select the weapon and click on Go to equip

Idea.png Note The weapon must be in your inventory to be available to be equipped

Je equip weapon.jpg

When the weapon is successfully loaded, refresh the profile page to update the status

Jd wea loded.jpg

You will see the loaded weapon, the Quality and the number of uses remaining

Loaded weapon.jpg

Complete Equip weapon mission

Open the missions screen and complete the equip weapon mission

Complete equp weapon.jpg

Fight in a Battle

Fighting in battles is an important part of the game. For more information refer to the Battles section

To view active battles, return to the Home page

Here you will see a list of battles which your country is involved in, you can list all battles by clicking on All Battles. The Daily Fight mission offers great rewards if you fight a certain number of times

Jd battles.jpg

To enter the battle, click on Fight this will launch the Battles screen. Click on the Fight button to attack

Jd fight.jpg

After a successful hit the results are displayed on the screen listing the Damage done, wellness lost and experience gained. You can hit again immediately by clicking Fight Again

Idea.png Note Base Damage done depends on the Skill, Rank, Weapon Quality and ammo quality loaded.

Jd fight resullt.jpg

Once you have fought 5 times, return to the missions page to complete the fight mission

Fight 5 times mission.jpg

Check Daily Fight missions for additional rewards

Daily fight mission.jpg

Restore Wellness

Under your profile picture is your Wellness bar. you will notice that you are no longer at 100 Wellness, this is because each action (Work, Study, Train etc) use wellness.

Wellness bar.jpg

To restore wellness you need to consume food. Food can be acquired from the Product offers market or as a reward for completing tasks and missions

To restore wellness to the maximum possible, click on the + in the left corner of the Wellness bar, alternatively click on Eat Food and this will take you to the Consume Food screen where you can choose which food you wish to eat

Consume food.jpg

If you check back on the missions screen you will see there is a mission to eat 5 x food. Click on Complete to finish the mission once you have eaten the required number of food items

Eat food mission.jpg

Next Steps