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Messages can be sent between players and a notification of unread messages appears on the players [Home Page]

Message bar.jpg

Clicking on the message bar opens the message page where messages can be read, deleted and replied to.


You can navigate to the Inbox, Sent Items, Alerts and Subscriptions Tabs from the menu bar on the Messages screen



The alerts bar shows unread alerts

Alert bar.jpg

Clicking on the Alert bar opens the Alert Message page

Alert messages.jpg


Subs is a notification of the newspapers you have subscribed to.

Subs bar.jpg

Click on the subs bar to open the subscriptions page which will list the articles you are subscribed to


Shout Box

the Shout box is an instant messaging system which allows players to communicate via "Shouts". There are three channels: Everyone, Country and Market

Shout box.jpg

To use the shout box:

  1. Enter Text
  2. Click Shout
  3. Use the Tabs to switch between channels