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There are three main classes of Companies


  • Land Companies: produce raw materials which are used by manufacturing and construction companies to produce finished goods


  • Manufacturing Companies: Consume Raw materials to produce Food, Weapons, Tickets and Gifts


  • Construction companies: Consume Raw materials to produce Defense Systems and Hospitals for use by Countries


Class Raw Material Class Used By Class Output Produced
Land.jpg Icon industry grain.png Grain (Q1) Manufacture.jpg Food Company (Q1-Q5) Icon industry food.png Food (Q1-Q5)
Land.jpg Icon industry ironbars.png Iron (Q1) Manufacture.jpg Gun Company (Q1-Q5) Icon industry weapon.png Gun (Q1-Q5)
Manufacture.jpg Tank Company (Q1-Q5) Icon industry tank.png Tank (Q1-Q5)
Manufacture.jpg Heli Company (Q1-Q5) Icon industry heli.png Helicopter (Q1-Q5)
Land.jpg Icon industry oil.png Oil (Q1) Manufacture.jpg Ticket Company (Q1-Q5) Icon industry movingtickets.png Moving Tickets (Q1-Q5)
Land.jpg Icon industry diamonds.png Diamond (Q1) Manufacture.jpg Gift Company (Q1-Q5) Icon industry gift.png Gift (Q1-Q5)
Land.jpg Icon industry wood.png Wood (Q1) Manufacture.jpg House Company (Q1-Q5) Icon industry house.png House (Q1-Q5)
Construction.jpg Hospital Company (Q1-Q5) Icon industry hospital.png Hospital (Q1-Q5)
Construction.jpg Defense Company (Q1-Q5) Icon industry defensesystem.png Defense System (Q1-Q5)

Managing Companies

You can navigate to the Industry overview by selecting My Station -> Industry from the menu bar

Menu industry.jpg

This will provide an overview of your companies, namely the location and type of company Select a specific company from the list to manage the company

Industry view.jpg

Company Overview

The company overview screen displays the important information about your company

Co view.jpg

1. The Name, Manager and Location of the Company 2. Edit Company - allows you to modify the Logo (Avatar), Name and location of the company

Co edit.jpg

3. Sell company - allows you to sell your company on the Company Market 4. Accounts Management allows you to Add/withdraw funds from the company

Idea.png Note Each Company has it own unique accounts, separate from other companies

5. Number of employees 6. Employee management allows you to show details of employees work history or send messages to your employees 7. Withdraw - Allows the company owner to transfer goods from the company to his inventory for personal use 8 . Upgrade/Degrade allows you to change the Quality rating of the finished goods (Costs Gold)

Idea.png Note Upgrading while you have stock will result in the stock being lost, so first sell or transfer any stock before upgrading

Co upgrade.jpg

9. Buy Raw Materials allows you to purchase raw materials required to produce finished goods 10. Issue offer allows the company owner to sell finished goods on the market or cancel existing offers 11. Buy License allows you to purchase a license to sell finished goods in another Country (cost 2 gold per license)

Idea.png Note Income from goods sold in another country will in the Currency of the Country where the goods were sold

Co buy license.jpg

12. Issue Jobs - Allows the owner to create jobs on the market. you can set the skill, wage and number of jobs

Idea.png Note Minimum wage is determined by Congress

Co job offer2.jpg

Buy Raw Materials

In order to produce finished products, you require Raw Materials and Labor To purchase Raw Materials from the Product offers page, you need to open your Company from the My Station -> Inventory screen Select your company from the list Under the Raw Requirements section, select Buy Raw Materials

Co buy raw.jpg

This will open the Product Offers page 1. Select the shopping cart

Co buy raw1.jpg

2. Select the Raw Materials Filter

Co buy raw2.jpg

3. Select the Raw Material you require

Co buy raw3.jpg

4. Enter the quantity required and click Buy. the Stock will be added to the Raw materials in your Company Overview

Co buy raw4.jpg