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In the game, there are three types of Gifts: Gifts, Mystic Gifts and Gold Gifts. If you have a gift in your inventory, then you will see an Open Gifts tab on your Task bar. Click on this to open the Gifts page


Gifts Page

Here you will see the gifts you have in your inventory. To open a gift click on the gift.

Gift overview.jpg

  1. List of Gifts (Q1-Q5)
  2. Mystic Gift
  3. Gold Gift
  4. Display the Gifts list

Gifts List

this displays a list of items that a gift can contain and the chance of receiving each item

Gifts list.jpg

Opening Gifts

  1. To Open a gift, click on the Open button next to the gift
  2. The contents of the gift are displayed at the top of the screen

Open gift.jpg

Donating/Offer Gifts

You can donate gifts as inventory items or you can offer a gift to another player to restore their Wellness

Offer Gift

Open the profile of the player you which to offer a gift to.

  1. The Wellness of the recipient must not be 100% otherwise they cannot receive the gift
  2. Click on the offer gift icon use a gift to restore wellness

Offer gift.jpg

  • The player receiving the gift will get Wellness restored.
  • If you have multiple gifts in your inventory, the Highest quality gift will be used 1st
  • the amount of wellness restored depends on the gift quality
Gift Quality Wellness restored
Icon industry gift.png Q1 2 Wellness
Icon industry gift.png Q2 4 Wellness
Icon industry gift.png Q3 6 Wellness
Icon industry gift.png Q4 8 Wellness
Icon industry gift.png Q5 10 wellness

Donating Gifts

Open the profile of the player you which to donate a gift to.

  1. Select the Donate icon

Donate gift.jpg

  1. Click on the item to donate
  2. the item is transferred to the target inventory
  3. Click Donate to finalize the transaction

Donate gift2.jpg

Donate gift3.jpg