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Gold is the primary currency in the game and is awarded as rewards for completing missions, leveling up as well as numerous other tasks. It is used for starting/buying companies as well as upgrading Inventory or warehouse. Gold can also be used to purchase lottery tickets and special items

Gold bars.jpg

Gold from Referrals

Invite your friends and get 20% of all Gold they will receive in CyberRepublik from achievements.

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Gold Trading

You can exchange currency for Gold on the Monetary Exchange or sell gold for currency

Idea.png Note Trading Gold and Currency can be a good way to make money

Gold Purchases

You can purchase gold by visiting the CSTORE from your home page by clicking on the "Extra" menu button


Gold Rewards

Here are some of the rewards you can earn through achievements

Achievement Rewards
Achievement Gold reward
Battle Hero 3 gold
RW Battle Hero 4 gold
Last man Standing 1 gold
Top Damage 5 gold
Country President 5 gold
500 votes on article 5 gold
Hard Worker 3 gold
Media Mogul 5 gold
Level up ? gold