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Military Units

Military Units (MU's) are armies controlled by individual players. To create a Miltary Unit you need 50 gold and you must have at least 12 level.

Idea.png Note Being a member of the Military Unit provides damage bonuses in battle

You can access the Military Unit page from the menu bar by clicking on My Station -> Military Unit

Mu menu.jpg

You can either create a new Military Unit (Costs Gold) or you can join an existing unit if there is one in your Country

Mu browse.jpg

To join an existing Military Unit, click on the name of the Unit, Click on Join button to enlist with the MU

The following information is displayed on the MU page

  1. MU Logo
  2. MU Name
  3. Number of members
  4. Country where MU is located
  5. MU Commanders name
  6. Join button and MU Ranking
  7. Captain's name (if appointed)
  8. Battle Order

MU page.jpg

MU Benefits

Being a member of a military unit provides Damage bonuses when fighting in approved battles with the correct weapon equiped

Mu order.jpg

Rank Damage Bonus
Commander 15%
Captain 12%
Member 10%