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The Political party is the entry point into politics. You need to be a member of a political party in order to run for Congress or Country President.


Elections banner.jpg

Elections are held as follows:

Day Election Type
1st Congress Elections
Idea.png Note You need to be in the region in which you wish to candidate
10th Country President
Idea.png Note The Party president selects the presidential candidate
20th Party President
Idea.png Note Any party member can challenge for leadership of the party

Political Party

You navigate to the political party page from the Menu bar. Select My Station -> Political Station

Menu politics.jpg

Here you will see a list of political parties to join or you can create your own party (costs 25 gold)

Party menu.jpg

Create Party

Click Create to create your own party

Party create.jpg

  1. Enter a name for the party (No special characters)
  2. Upload an Avatar (Only JPG files)
  3. Choose an Economical orientation
  4. Choose a Social Orientation

Click Create

Party Overview

Party overview.jpg

  1. Party Name and Avatar
  2. Party information
    • Country
    • Number of members
    • XP points of members
    • Economic & Social Orientation
    • Gold in Party (Received from members joining. 2 gold per member) This can be donated to the Country
    • Submissions - Members who have applied to join (Approval done by the Party President)
  3. Congress
    • Details of the number of places in Congress
    • List of candidates running for congress
  4. Party President
    • Candidate button allows you to run for party president
    • Days Until next Party President Election
  5. Presidential Candidate
    • Displays the party's presidential candidate (Selected by the Party President)
    • Days until next Country Presidential Election
  6. Mass Message party members
  7. Donate to Country Treasury (Gold in Party)

Congress Elections

Congress is the main legislative body of a country. It is elected on 1st day of every month.

In order to become a candidate for congress elections, you need to:

  • Be a member of a political party
  • Be located is a region owned by your Citizenship Country

You navigate to the political party page from the Menu bar. Select My Station -> Political Station

Menu politics.jpg

If the date is after the 25th of the month, then the candidate button should be visible next to congress section

Candidate for congress.jpg

To nominate yourself as candidate, click on 'Candidate' button and select your region from the list

Congress pick region.jpg

Once you have selected a region and click on candidate, your candidate will be listed under candidates list for that region

List candidate.jpg

Cancel Candidacy

To withdraw your candidate from the election. click cancel candidacy from the main politics page

Cancel congress candidate.jpg

Accepting Candidates (Party President)

The party president has the ability to accept candidates as official candidates for the party

This is done from the List Candidates screen

List candidate.jpg

Select the region and select set list

Set congress list1.jpg

Enter the candidate names in the list and click candidate

Set congress list2.jpg

This will update the candidate status as accepted

View accepted candidates.jpg

  1. Shows Region
  2. Shows accepted candidates and available places remaining
  3. Shows any other candidates